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Biao yi

There are equipped with a separate flask for brewing, in which you can brew tea many times, each time receiving a small portion of freshly brewed tea and enjoy the change of tastes and aromas in each cup - almost like in a Gongfu style.

  • Dimension : W13cm x D10.5cm x H13cm 

    Capacity : 350 ml

    Material : external parts : glass / internal part : food-grade plastic

    Maximum temperature differential: 150℃ 
    Microwave and dishwasher safe

  • 1. Fill the teapot with dry tea, so that the tea fills 1/3 of the flask volume.

    2. Fill the tea with water of the required temperature. 

    3. Press the button, release the finished tea in the main flask, and pour it into cups. (recommended to rinse the tea leaves with warm water first.)